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Larnaca in fight against mosquitoes, focus on salt lakes

Larnaca Municipality said on Friday it was continuing to spray against mosquitoes throughout the town with special emphasis on the salt lakes, using approved insecticides.

In a written announcement it said that because the salt lakes were a protected habitat, crews were using only bio-insecticides. Because of this year’s abundant rains, there has been a large increase in mosquito and non-biting midges populations at the lakes, it added.

“The municipality’s aim is to reduce these insects so that they are not a nuisance to residents and visitors. At the same time, the municipality is planning to drain small areas with rain water to restrict the hatching of mosquitoes, however we are seeing the phenomenon of mosquitoes hatching in small quantities of stagnant water in the yards of buildings and houses,” it said.

That is why it is asking the public to take their own measures to prevent this occurring by not placing containers (buckets, old water tanks and flower pots) and old tyres in the gardens which may collect water.

They should also replace old water tanks, clean gutters so that water does not collect and keep the sewerage covers well sealed.

People living very close to the salt lakes are advised to fix screens on their doors and windows to prevent insects coming into their homes

For any complaints about mosquitoes, the public should contact the municipality’s help line on 24816530.

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