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Larnaca Board in save water appeal

Larnaca Water Board warned consumers on Tuesday that it would clamp down hard on anyone caught squandering water by hosing down pavements or washing their cars.

It said that the protracted drought has taken a toll on water resources, and stocks are inadequate to cover needs, which is is why the government has imposed restrictions on water used for irrigation.

“Although the measures do not for the time being include cuts to water for household use, we must all save water and avoid waste of any kind. To prevent unreasonable waste, the Board is obliged to faithfully implement the Law on Water Savings (Special Measures), which prohibits the use of hoses to clean pavements, roads, railings, balconies or cars,” it said.

Anyone caught breaking the law face criminal charges and in the event of a conviction penalties of up to three months in prison and/or a fine of €513 .  The matter can be settled out of court with a fine of €51 [aid to the board.

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