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Lack of maintenance of Nicosia’s water supply network brings it to brink of collapse

Systematic lack of maintenance of the water supply network by the Nicosia Water Board affects over 200,000 district residents who now have to pay increased fees for urgent restoration costs.

This is what Philenews reported on Friday, adding that the risk of the network “breaking down” is imminent and millions have to be paid towards its prompt upgrading.

The revelations were made on Thursday by head of the Board Constantinos Parmaklis before the House Interior Committee.

He said that was the reason behind the recent increase in the fixed water supply fee from €8 to €11.

The maintenance of the network was ignored for decades and the specific fee increase will bring in an additional revenue of over €2 million annually, he added.

Parmaklis also referred to a study drafted in 2020 which clearly shows that in some years – due to the lack of maintenance – the system could suffer a total collapse.

“The increased fees will ensure that water supply for our children and grandchildren will be there,” he said.

“These should have been imposed since 2018 but it was not done,” he added.

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