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Labour market shortages a hot issue in Cyprus and the EU at large

Labour market shortages is not only a hot issue in Cyprus where debate is already underway regarding the revision of the policy for the employment of foreigners from third countries.

The European Union is also confronted with such a problem which was recently debated before the European Parliament.

Specifically, the proposal is for third-country nationals to be able to apply for work where there is a shortage in the Member States’ labour markets.

But after them having gone through a transparent and non-discriminatory application and pre-screening process facilitated by the Union.

In Cyprus, the government calls on companies to meet their human resources needs from the EU before granting new permits for employment of workers from third countries.

At the same time, the European Parliament asks the European Commission to submit proposals to facilitate and promote the entry and mobility within the EU of workers from third countries, who immigrate legally, by January 31, 2022.


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