NewsLocalLabour dept in warning in view of possible 'very serious heat wave'

Labour dept in warning in view of possible ‘very serious heat wave’


The Labour Inspection Department on Tuesday issued a warning to employers and workers that high temperatures and humidity may lead to a very serious heat wave today and/or in the next few days in the interior and the coast.

It said these conditions put workers at risk of heat stroke and/or endanger their health.

The department reminded employers and the self-employed that they must take all necessary measures to protect workers from occupational heat load in line with regulations, not excluding a change in duties, rest or even interruption of work.

According to the met office, temperatures today are forecast at 38 degree centigrade inland, 31 on the western shore, 34 on the other shores and 29 in the mountains. Tonight temperatures are expected to fall to 22 inland and on the coast and 18 in the mountains.

The weather will remain fine on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday with temperatures set to record a small increase on Wednesday and remain at the same levels on Thursday and Friday.

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