NewsLocalKnown businessman in court for murder attempt (photos & video)

Known businessman in court for murder attempt (photos & video)

The 34-year-old businessman, who is suspected of the attempted murder in Oroklini in the early hours of last Sunday, during which a six-year-old child and a 42-year-old man were injured, was brought before the Larnaca District Court.

Increased security measures have been taken both inside and outside the Court by armed police officers of the MMAD.

It is noted that the 34-year-old businessman is not placed at the scene of the attempted murder, however, testimony links him to a 35-year-old man who is wanted in the case.

The 34-year-old was arrested around 10:30 on Friday morning and searches were conducted at his home and business premises.

On Wednesday, a 31-year-old resident of Oroklini was arrested and remanded in custody. The man allegedly confessed to being the person who opened fire on the 42-year-old’s vehicle.

The suspect claimed that he was recruited by the 35-year-old man who was with him at the time of the attempt. He was hired to execute, for a fee, a contract of death against the 42-year-old man. He also claimed that when he opened fire with the stolen military rifle against the 42-year-old’s car, he did not know that the six-year-old child was also in the car.

Police meanwhile continue to search for the 35-year-old, who has been reported by his relatives as a missing person since last Tuesday.

His vehicle was located and confiscated and police believe he may have fled to the occupied areas.

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