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Kitten shot multiple times and blinded


Animal abuse is off the charts in Cyprus, with yet another incident reported as a man shot a kitten from almost point blank range with a hunting rifle in Kakopetria early last month, blinding the small animal.

The kitten was taken in a semi-comatose state to a veterinary clinic in Nicosia on August 6 and required treatment for hypothermia, being administered with electrolytes and painkillers for almost three weeks. Sadly his left eye had to be removed, while it was also blinded in the right eye.

Πυροβόλησαν και τύφλωσαν μικρό γατάκι

According to a complaint filed by the Animal Party, a woman found the kitten covered with pellets and thought it was dead, only to discover it was still breathing before she buried it.

Monte Christo, as it was aptly named for his resilience and courage, is now out of danger, with the clinic saying that pellets were removed from all over his body.

Following the incident, the Animal Party called on the Police Chief to look into allegations of snipers in the area, shooting animals at will with hunting rifles.

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