NewsLocalKiosk employee sells dangerous knife to 13-year-old boy, police do nothing

Kiosk employee sells dangerous knife to 13-year-old boy, police do nothing

A mother of a 13-year-old boy with mild autism reported that her son was sold a dangerous knife by a kiosk employee while on a school excursion to Ayia Napa on Tuesday.

But what really outraged her was the response of the Police who basically said they can do nothing about it, Philenews reports.

Because, apparently, there is legislation against selling tobacco and alcohol to minors but not against knives – no matter how dangerous these could be.

The mother, who sent photos of the knife with a blade more than 8 cm long, was informed of the sale by a teacher accompanying the teenagers on the bus school.

“My son falls on the autism spectrum but is high functioning. On Tuesday, he went on a field trip with the school to Ayia Napa. There they were let loose and he went into a kiosk with his classmates and saw a large knife,” she said.

“In his naivety and impulsiveness, he asked the saleswoman if he could buy it. She asked him if he had any money and when he replied in the affirmative, she sold him the knife after tempting him further with a small discount. From 30 euros she let him have it for 25 euros,” she added.

She did not give him a receipt and wrapped it in a paper gift box without even crossing her mind that the boy could get into a fight with a classmate at any moment.

“You can kill a person with that knife, I told police it’s not a souvenir, it’s a murder weapon and they said they can’t do anything about it. That kiosks can legally sell knives,” the mother also said.

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