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Kindergartens, special schools open on June 9


Public and private kindergartens reopen on June 9, the Education Ministry said on Wednesday, citing an earlier decision by the Council of Ministers.

Their operation is governed by a health protocol prepared by the Education Ministry in cooperation with the Health Ministry and must be adhered to by all kindergartens, children’s clubs, all day and summer schools and similar programmes.

The protocol has been sent to all the kindergartens so as to brief parents and guardians and will be posted on the ministry’s website.

The ministry also announced that special schools will reopen on June 9 and will implement a special protocol prepared by the two ministries and posted on the website.

“Parents and guardians of children who attend special schools are asked to consult the special committee at the Education Ministry regarding the implementation of hygiene protective measures and their children’s attendance in special units and special schools,” it said.

And it added: “The special schools will be ready to welcome the children. The management and staff have been briefed and training seminars have been carried out on the special protocol for all staff, including companions.”



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