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KIdnap suspect told police he wanted ransom

A 35 year old in custody for kidnapping two 11 year old boys from a Larnaca primary school told police he had financial problems and planned to demand ransom from their families, Phileleftheros reported on Thursday, citing the man’s statement to police.

The man was remanded in custody for eight days on Wednesday.  Police are investigating his claim, and are examining his computers and telephone.

The 35 year old also admitted that he had sedated the children, the newspaper said.

Police have taken documents, computers mobile telephone and pills from the apartment — less than a kilometre from the school for examination.

The paper added that the suspect had lured the children from the school, leading them to his apartment on foot and not by car, the paper added.

He had approached the children in the playground of the Kamares primary school at 7.40 am saying he was a new teacher and asking for some help to carry books.

When the school bell rang, the teacher noticed that the two boys were not in class, whereas their bags were there. She informed the principal who in turn contacted police. By this time, it was 8.30 am — 45 minutes after the kidnap.

Police were led to the man’s apartment after a tip off from a member of the public. They rang his doorbell at  2:45 pm telling him they were looking for two children who had been kidnapped and asking to search his apartment.

He let them in, saying he had no connection to the case. According to the paper, the man was wearing clothes matching the description given by witnesses.

When a police officer entered the bedroom he saw the two boys asleep in bed,  under the covers. He woke them but they appeared not to be communicating with their environment.

One of the children reportedly said that the man had given them lemonade after which they slept.


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