NewsLocalKato Paphos port unprecedentedly 'deserted' for over a year now

Kato Paphos port unprecedentedly ‘deserted’ for over a year now

For the first time in the history of Kato Paphos port, traffic in the most popular tourist spot of the city remained unprecedentedly low for over a year now.

Shop keepers and restaurateurs there told Philenews that, financially, they cannot even raise their heads above water from one successive coronavirus lockdown to another.

As well as from the pandemic’s constant restrictions in force aiming to curb its spread.

“The reality is that the port has always relied on foreign visitors and less on locals,” one restaurateur said.

“This year the decline in tourist traffic is unprecedented, and comes as an additional blow since the all inclusive packages hotels offered over the past two to three years  was bad enough,” he added.

At the same time, the renovation of  historic centres of Paphos has prompted a new trend for locals who now  prefer their recreation to take place in the upper part of the city.

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