NewsLocalKarousos visits ancient monuments, urges public to explore Cyprus

Karousos visits ancient monuments, urges public to explore Cyprus


Transport Minister Yiannis Karousos marked today’s reopening of museums, archaeological sites and monuments with a visit to Kolossi Castle and the archaeological sites of Curium and Paphos to review compliance with protocols to prevent the spread of coronavirus and to send the message to one and all to male the best of this year to discover Cyprus’ antiquities.

“I would like to send the message to all that particularly this year is a good opportunity for all of us to visit our archaeological sites, our museums and monuments, to stay in Cyprus and enjoy its beauty and its archaeological wealth,” he said.

Karousos said protocols had been drawn up and are being implemented at sites under the Department of Antiquities.

Protocols are being drawn up for places such as Curium Amphitheatre which, with the further relaxation of measures, will be able to host plays or concerts but subject to distancing rules which would therefore set a maximum to the number of people who can attend well below capacity.

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