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Karousos inspects compliance with protective measures on public transport

Transport Minister Yiannis Karousos visited an Alambra bus stop on Friday to see for himself compliance with protective measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

In a post on Facebook, the minister said he and other officials had gone to Alambra to see whether the health and protection measures in public transport were being observed.

They also checked whether disinfection certificates were displayed and if drivers were following instructions as regards the number of people permitted on the bus.

The checks will continue, he added.

On May 3, the Transport Ministry had issued instructions for buses  and taxis.

Buses can only carry half the number of passengers they have capacity for, while there are restrictions also on the number of passengers that can travel in a taxi.

Updated instructions have been issued to protect passengers and employees. These include personal protection measures for the driver (glove, mask and be able to respond if a passenger shows Covid-19 like symptoms).

The instructions also include measures the company must take to inform and protect passengers and employees, as well as how to deal with possible Covid-19 cases.

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Transport Ministry instructons for buses, taxis

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