NewsLocalKaraiskakio Foundation donates 10,000 cotton buds for Covid-19 tests

Karaiskakio Foundation donates 10,000 cotton buds for Covid-19 tests

The Karaiskakio Foundation in Nicosia has donated to the public and private sector 10,000 cotton swabs for Covid-19 testing worth €5.000, the Cyprus News Agency reports.

In an announcement published on Monday, the Foundation said that “although these cotton buds were destined for the registration of new bone marrow volunteers, our priority now is to keep our donors and patients safe.”

Current circumstances render bone marrow donations very difficult, it was added, especially when it comes to their flight transfer to transplant centres abroad.

“Nevertheless, we do everything humanly possible to meet the needs of our patients, for a second chance at life,” the announcement said, explaining that under the current climate bone marrow is often cryopreserved and transported on cargo flights through a special process.

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