NewsLocalKalavasos: Car recovered, 20 homes without power (videos)

Kalavasos: Car recovered, 20 homes without power (videos)

The authorities at Kalavasos remain alert as bad weather and the overflow of the nearby dam yesterday are causing more problems to inhabitants.

Philenews has posted a video of the recovery of a jeep that was carried away by the strong current last night, while head of Kalavasos community council Lefteris Fokas said that there are 20 houses cut off from the rest of the community because of the strong current.

Fokas said that last night 14 people did not sleep in their homes while others chose to stay in their houses at their own risk.

Community council crews together with the Larnaca district administration are trying to open the bridges that have been blocked by leaves and other debris carried by the current.

The jeep that was pulled out of the current has been completely destroyed.

Fokas said that it will take a while to restore electricity in the 20 homes, adding that safeguarding human lives is priority and that every possible effort will be made to provide help to everyone affected.

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