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Juvenile delinquency bill in the works

A bill which will institutionalise the way offences committed by minors are prosecuted has been submitted for review to the Republic’s Law Office in August, according to a Justice Ministry spokesman.

The bill will lay out steps on how to prosecute crimes committed by persons under 18 years of age and will include provisions for detaining them in special facilities.

The spokesman was speaking during a House Education Committee session.

During the session, the restructuring of The Children Law was also discussed.

Participants in the session agreed that there needs to be better coordination between state services and the creation of a feedback mechanism, in order to ensure child welfare.

Committee president Kyriacos Hadjiyiannis said that law regarding children are scattered and stressed the need for the creation of an “umbrella law”.

Cyprus Children’s Parliament

Representatives of the Cyprus Children’s Parliament who attended the session submitted a memo requesting:

  • Feedback on the course of the demands submitted by the Cyprus Children’s Parliament
  • Information on how policies related to children have been incorporated in legislation
  • The integration of the Children’s Parliament in the State budget
  • Information on how EU funds for children’s rights are spent
  • Information on how the State has implemented EC guidelines on children’s rights
  • The integration of an information portal about the Children’s Parliament on the Cyprus Parliament website
  • The appointment of MPs to functions as links between the Children’s and the Cyprus Parliament
  • Common meetings between members of the two Parliaments
  • The creation of a feedback mechanism.

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