NewsLocalJuly, August worst month for pets in Cyprus, in terms of abandonment

July, August worst month for pets in Cyprus, in terms of abandonment

July and August were the worst months for pets in Cyprus this year in terms of abandonment by their owners who just drop them off at shelters before they go on holiday abroad.

And they do not even bother to pick them up upon their return, dog shelter runner Monica Mitsides tells Philenews.

“It’s raining dogs in the holiday months of July and August…This year has been the worst year ever because it is the first year since the pandemic’s outbreak that Cypriots have gone on vacation abroad,” she also said.

“And when they come back, they get other dogs from acquaintances or from strangers over the internet… if necessary, they will unfortunately give them up again next year.”

The state does not undertake its responsibilities and the burden falls on shelter volunteers who are real heroes, another volunteer has said.

Strays usually end up in private shelters since detention cages of municipalities and community authorities are obliged to host them only for 15 days.

And they then euthanize them with the assistance of state veterinarians, in accordance with existing legislation.

Another serious problem i Cyprus is the illegal breeding of pedigree dogs which makes more money than gambling and human trafficking, according to insiders.

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