NewsLocalJoint Cyprus-Israeli exercise “Iason 2020” ends

Joint Cyprus-Israeli exercise “Iason 2020” ends

A joint Cyprus–Israel exercise called “Iason 2020” ended successfully at midnight on Wednesday, according to a press release from the Cyprus Ministry of Defence.

The exercise was held from September 14 to 16 “within the framework of the annual military cooperation program between Cyprus and Israel.”

The exercise took place within Nicosia FIR, with the participation of land and air assets of the National Guard of the Republic of Cyprus and the Israeli Armed Forces, it also said.

During the Exercise, joint training of personnel of the National Guard and the Israeli Air Force took place, and the two sides exchanged knowledge and experiences in the field of tactical air operations.

“The high – level of training, cooperation, operational readiness and professionalism of the Armed Forces of both countries was evident throughout the exercise,” the announcement said.

The Ministry also pointed out that “the joint training with the Armed Forces of Israel, which are among the most modern and well equipped in the world, the support and coordination of air operations from Paphos Air Base and the experiences gained, have significantly contributed towards the upgrading of the operational readiness and capabilities of the National Guard.”


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