NewsLocalItem found at Kokkini Limni a prop from 1996 film

Item found at Kokkini Limni a prop from 1996 film

A number of sponges tied to a piece of wood and wrapped in a carpet recovered from the bottom of Kokkini Limni in Mitsero where authorities are looking for victims of a self-confessed serial killer, have nothing to with a crime spree that has stunned Cyprus.

Rather, it is a prop from the 1996 film “I Sfagi tou Kokora” (the killing of the rooster) directed by Andreas Pantzis where the protagonist — played by Georges Corraface — wrapped a ‘body’ in a carpet and disposed of it in the highly toxic lake.

Authorities have been combing the lake for days using divers, a robotic camera and state of the art sonar equipment in their search for murder victims. On Wednesday, divers brought up the sponges wrapped in a carpet.

Pantzis told philenews that once the search got underway, his associates had alerted police that the prop had been thrown into the lake.

(The excerpt from the film is from 00:57:00 το 00:58:20).

A Greek Cypriot army officer who has reportedly confessed to killing five women and two children, told police he had put the bodies of three of his victims — a mother and daughter  and another woman — in suitcases and thrown them in Kokkini Limni.

Divers have recovered the bodies of the mother and daughter but are still looking for the third victim. They are also still looking for the body of a six year old girl which the suspect said he had thrown into a lake at Xyliatou.

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