NewsLocalIssue of English School staff laying offs still explosive

Issue of English School staff laying offs still explosive

The House Education Committee on Wednesday held another tense debate on the ongoing private English School Nicosia turmoil following the lay-ff of three teachers heading the English School Staff Union (ESSA).

At the same time, English School staff members and representatives of other fora including of state school unions POED and OELMEK were staging a protest outside parliament against the lay-offs.

As for the two side – the Management and Board of Directors on the one hand and affected teachers on the other – both stick to their positions.

At the same time, most members of the relevant parliamentary committee accuse the President of the Republic of doing nothing to defuse the crisis and find a solution even though the confrontation is going on for months.

They consider the intervention of President Anastasiades to be extremely necessary. And they have sent the message once again through the Director of his Office, Pantelis Pantelides.

Based on the island’s legislation, the Council of Ministers appoints the Board of Directors of the English School.


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