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Iraqi arrested for drug possession

A 42 year old Iraqi who had been deported from Cyprus in 2011 and whose entry is prohibited, is under arrest on suspicion of possessing methamphetamine and 7000 euro in cash.

He was arrested in Limassol on Sunday afternoon after members of the police’s bicycle unit stopped the man on a Limassol street for checks.

He had no ID or other documents, while police found 10 grams of methamphetamine in 26 packages, 3 grams of another substance suspected of being  opium, and 3810 euro in his possession.

Police searched his house and found another 10 grams of suspected opium and 3000 euro.

The drug squad believe the cash is the result of the sale of the drug. The suspect said the drugs were for personal use.

He is expected to appear before Limassol District Court on Monday to be remanded in custody.

Police said the suspect was on the list of prohibited migrants after being deported from Cyprus in 2011.

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