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Ioannou says shares public’s concerns


Health Minister Constantinos Ioannou on Thursday appealed to the public’s understanding and cooperation to help Cyprus through an unprecedented situation created by the coronavirus pandemic.

He said he shares peoples’ concerns as he too has a family, parents and children and accepts criticism for mistakes made as he once again urged collective action against the virus.

The post reads:

“I recognise the concerns of citizens complaining about the restriction. I share many of the arguments about the problems of public hospitals. I stand with respect before each citizen separately and ask for their understanding, because we have an unprecedented situation to manage. In this effort it is impossible not to make mistakes and I am ready to accept criticism.

“But I want once again to ensure that we are doing everything we can. My responsibility and that of the government is the health of citizens. For this I am accountable to the constitution but also to my conscience. Not even in my worst nightmares did I ever think that the time would come when I would issue decrees to impose restrictions on the individual rights of my fellow citizens.

“I repeat, it is not by choice but an urgent need at the recommendation of scientists. Where no measures have been taken, the results are tragic, people die helpless in the hospital corridors and alone in their homes. And we are not talking about third world countries but about countries with an exemplary level of health services. I share your concerns, I am also part of this society, I have family, parents and children. I remain focused on trying to deal with the pandemic. I let citizens judge those who compare me to ruthless dictators. It’s the time of collective action, to face the common “invisible” enemy.”

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