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International travel operators’ planning signals good winter season tourism

Scheduled flights for incoming tourism in Cyprus in the winter months are expected to exceed even those in 2019 when it was a record tourism year.

This is what Maria Kouroupi of operators Hermes Airports told state radio on Thursday when referring to the planning by international travel operators for this winter season, that is from November 2022 to March 2023.

She first clarified that, compared to the summer season, there will be a reduction in seats as it happens every winter. But, she added, this winter season it is expected that available seats will be at the level of 2019 or even higher in some cases.

This is due to the fact that some markets that have started flights to Cyprus will continue on a full-time basis and some other companies want to relaunch winter flights after a suspension of two years because of the pandemic.

Kouroupi also said the sufficient air connectivity that will exist in the winter is not a random event but is based on actions taken in earlier times, even in the middle of the pandemic, by all tourism operators.

“It is no coincidence that, despite the loss of the Russian and Ukrainian market, we are currently around 85% compared to 2019’s passenger traffic. We are doing very well under the circumstances,” she also said.

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