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International School of Nicosia: The goal is to “pave the way” for young people for a successful school journey

ISN is an International school that is both innovative and diverse and aims to provide for all pupils the sort of a caring, stimulating and happy environment.

This will enable them to grow into self-confident, active and highly successful young citizens of the future, school authorities tell FORBES in an interview.

What is the philosophy behind the educational model of the school?

To fully develop the lifelong learning aspects of community education; connecting learning to workforce development and other intersections whereby, through an educational process, youth and children are able to succeed in their community and affiliate themselves globally. Our aim is to encourage confidence, self-aspirations, and compassionate young people who respect differences and similarities. By learning to care, we establish responsibility, and emotionally intelligent, digital, global citizens.

Critical thinking and creativity pioneer our vision. Leadership and confidence are imperative while we reflect and, on our service, and diversity.

Why should parents and students choose the International School of Nicosia? What makes the school different?

All adults and children/youth in our school build healthy relationships based on trust and respect. Caring adults take an interest in their students and teach them high and realistic expectations. They role model and promote a positive culture of interpersonal trust, including parents and other community members. Parents are partners
in the school’s education.

A caring, thinking and listening school is what we value the most. We create a safe, secure, and inclusive, digital environment where everyone is made to feel welcome, and above all, they feel they belong. We believe that quality learning best happens when there is a safe and nurturing environment. Learning should be individualized using student inter- est and strengths as well as linguistic and cultural identities. There is ownership, reflection, and close monitoring of learning objectives. Our students can understand the full meaning of collaboration, and diverse perspectives.

Does the school place emphasis on diversity and inclusivity?

We seek multiple opportunities for service learning. Caring students take a stand for diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice. Caring schools build trusting relationships through the words and actions of their members. Our community shares, it provides social exchanges and it values competence in core role responsibility and personal integrity.

What emphasis does the school put on the personal and emotional development of students? How does it aim to achieve this?

This is what we believe our strengths lie in. Developing character building, confident and motivated personalities, open-minded global citizens. These include their empathy toward global sustainability, finding solutions to challenges and communication skills to make a difference in their communities. Emotionally intelligent young people respect skills of leading and following within different cultural contexts.

What are the aims of the school when looking into the future?

ISN is an educational community centre, that forms and evaluates such structures to ensure that children and youth learn from one another through various forms of sharing ideas, knowledge and experiences, not only within the local environment but is involved in collaborations and projects internationally.

Provide leadership to alter the cultures of schools and other educational institutions wherever possible to adopt the principles of community education; Promote the understanding for “education” to truly succeed, the socio-emotional and other “non-academic” needs of students and those who impact their lives must be addressed; Recognise that current issues, such as 21st-century skills and appreciation of environmental issues such as climate change, sustainable energy, etc., thrive with learning and a positive character building of youth..

We must create a mobilization of the workforce for the future.

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