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Instructions to persons testing positive to the virus

Any individual who is informed by a bacteriological laboratory that he is positive to the coronavirus, shall place themselves in quarantine avoiding close contact with their family members, inform immediately the Manager and the person in charge of Security and Health in the workplace, await instructions from the Epidemiological Monitoring Unit (EMU) and note down their close contacts, so as to brief responsibly the Officers of the Epidemiological Monitoring Unit when requested to do so. A close contact is defined as a contact of >15 minutes duration at a distance of <2 metres from the outbreak with a confirmed COVID-19 infection or immediate contact with excretions of the respiratory system without the use of personal protective equipment.

It should be noted that due to great work load communication may not be possible on the same day, therefore self-control and patience should be shown by those affected. In no case should a positive-tested person come out of quarantine.

In case a coronavirus infection outbreak is located in any private office and/or business and/or any service of the public and/or wider public sector and/or in the Independent Services and/or in local government authorities, the Management or and the persons appointed in charge of Security and Health, should  proceed with the following:

  • Immediate suspension of the work of the said enterprise in accordance with Decree No. 20 of 2020 (R.A.A. 183/2020).
  • Immediate isolation of the confirmed cases, if they have not done so by themselves.
  • List of the names of persons in the workplace who have come into close contact (see definition above) with the confirmed outbreak. This information will be required by the EMU and the Sanitary Services.
  • Close contacts are placed in self-isolation/quarantine for 14 days and await instructions from the EMU concerning the place and time they will be called upon to submit to laboratory testing (PCR) in one of the laboratories that meet the criteria set by Ministry of Health. It should be noted that even though the result of their test is negative they will continue in self-isolation for 14 days. It is noted that due to great work load communication may not be possible on the same day, therefore self-control and patience should be shown by those affected. In no case should the person being traced as close contact come out of self-isolation.
  • Removal of all the personnel until the areas of the business is disinfected by an approved company. It should be noted that the disinfection certificate and the Permit Number of the disinfectant used should be submitted to the Sanitary Services after the completion of the disinfection.

It is understood that the individuals considered as close contacts and who test negative in the laboratory examination, may return to work after 14 days in self-isolation have passed, provided they have not developed symptoms compatible to the COVID-19 infection. More information is available at the link

It is also understood that in the case where any other person in the workplace has developed symptoms similar to those of the COVID-19 disease, they should immediately inform the person in charge of Security and Health, who would brief them on further action. Relevant instructions are set out on

They shall be briefed on the aforementioned in writing by the District Offices of the Sanitary Services and in order for the business to resume its functioning, the following documents should be sent by the Management to the Sanitary Services:

  1. Written briefing on all the actions taken by the Management.
  2. List of names of the persons who have been placed in self-isolation together with the results of their examination.
  3. Disinfection certificate and the permit number of the disinfectant used.

Approval for the resumption of work will be given after all the above have been considered by the Sanitary Services and the EMU.


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