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Inquiry finds match-fixing prevalent in basketball

An inquiry into match-fixing in basketball identified three fixed games in Cyprus’ top basketball league.

The 500-page report with the inquiry’s findings has been submitted to the Committee for Ethics and Protection of Sports, which will review them today.

According to Phileleftheros, the games in question are ENAD-APOEL, ENAD-APOP and APOP-ENAD which took place in the 2021-2022 season.

All games had been marked as suspicious before. Phileleftheros writes that a betting company that works with the Cyprus Basketball Association reported that persons involved in the sport bet large amounts of money, mainly concerning the score difference in the three games.

The inquiry committee also examined video footage from the games and concluded that the performance of some players was affected.

It said that there is proof that the ENAD-APOEL game was fixed and suggests that the participants face criminal charges.

For the ENAD-APOP and APOP-ENAD games, the bets were placed through a company in Asia, therefore more time is needed for authorities to obtain evidence.

The report’s findings slam the Basketball Association for lack of checks on athletes and others involved in the sport. It says that although athletes and board and staff members of teams are prohibited by law to bet, they did so, spending large amounts of money, due to the absence of a regulatory framework by the association.

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