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Inquiry clears hospital staff in flu death of 34 year old

The Health Ministry said on Thursday that an administrative inquiry by a  senior official into the death of a 34 year man found no indication of omissions or mistakes by medical staff at Larnaca and Nicosia Hospitals.

Stavros Georgiou died at Nicosia Hospital’s intensive care unit earlier this month from complications linked to Influenza A.

The family has  filed a complaint of possible medical negligence with police. His sister told the media that Georgiou had gone to Larnaca Hospital several times but was given only cortisone and inhalers, told he was suffering from laryngitis and sent home.

In a written statement, the Health Ministry said that the head of the medical and public health services Dr Elizabeth Constantinou had completed her administrative inquiry and handed it over to the Minister of Health.

“Dr Constantinou carried out a thorough investigation to determine whether there were any administrative omissions or mistakes on behalf of Larnaca and Nicosia Hospital staff in dealing with the case,” it said.

Additional data was sought from accident and emergency department that the 34 year old had visited.

She concluded that staff at both hospitals had made all the appropriate and necessary tests and treatments.

“No errors or omissions were made in dealing with the patient by staff at the accident and emergency unit, the doctors and nursing staff on duty as well as doctors in the intensive care unit,” it said.

Moreover, as regards the case of the five month baby girl at the centre of a suspected case of sexual abuse, the Health Ministry said it had ordered an administrative inquiry to determine whether the statements made by a doctor were founded.

It said that it would not be making any statements until the inquiry has been completed.

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