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Paphos’ Fellahoglu Street Inn to be renovated

The Paphos Municipality will proceed with the full renovation and reuse of the Inn at Fellahoglou Street spending 136,000 euros.

After the renovation of the Ibrahim Inn, which is a main element of the new cultural, social, and economic activity in the centre of Paphos, another historic inn of the town is ready to operate again.

The Inn at Fellahoglou Street is one of the four inns that used to operate in Paphos 150 years ago, aiming to serve travellers who were spending the night in town on the way to other districts.

Following the impressive renovation of the Ibrahim Inn and other projects that took place in the area, the new Inn at Fellachoglou Street is expected to make a great contribution to the historic commercial centre of Paphos.

The reconstruction in the area around the Inn has been completed and includes a new road, modern parking places, cleaning of open public spaces, as well as important commercial activities because old shops are now operating as restaurants and bars.

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