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Initiative group presses for car-free Eleftheria Square

An initiative group has sent an open letter  to the Transport Minister, the Nicosia Municipal Council and other officials urging that Nicosia’s Eleftheria Square be declared a vehicle free zone.

The group has already collected some 2000 signatures for its on-line petition to Nicosia Municipal Council that the square should be a pedestrian  area.

In an open letter to the Transport Minister, Nicosia’s Mayor and Municipal Council, the Ombudsman, the Human Rights Commissioner, the Nicosia Municipal Engineer, the Technical Services of Nicosia Municipality and the European Regional Development Fund Commissioner, the group said  squares are points of reference in a town, to be enjoyed by citizens.

“The time has come for Nicosia to acquire its own centre, an Eleftheria Square for residents and visitors. An open space that will be used and enjoyed by all without vehicles, pollution and risks,” they said.

In its online petition the group noted that a Public Square by definition, is the place of people gathering to socialise.

“The Public Square is an essential part of the urban fabric of a city. It is the place where the citizen will escape from his/her everyday routine, it is the place where the artist will exhibit Street Art, it is the place where the elderly, the people with limited mobility, will socialise. It is the place where each and every one of us will relax, where we will participate in events, festivals, celebrations. It is the place where our children will express their energy, in a safe and secure environment without vehicles, fumes, noise, danger,” it said.

The square is expected to open to the public by the end of 2018 — more than five years after the initial deadline.

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