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Infection Prevention Expert says treatment in ICUs limited for the time being

There is a huge epidemiological load and unfortunately some people will end up in hospitals, others in ICUs and other will day, Dr. Constantinos Tsioutis, Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine and Infection Prevention and Control at the European University and specialist with training in infection control, said today.

Within the framework of the news conference that was given today to present the National Surveillance Report about the course of COVID-19 until 8 November, 2020, Dr Tsioutis said that on the basis of the large number of people who have recently tested positive in Cyprus, certainly some of them will get more seriously ill, while we expect that treatments in ICUs will continue.

He also expressed hope that the new measures that have been announced will soon reduce the number of confirmed cases.

Professor Zoi Thorothea Pana, who also participated in the news conference, said that the decision for distance learning for Limassol Lyceums and Technical Schools was possibly due to the fact that older children can infect like grown-ups but not the younger children. Also older children can stay at home alone and can handle distance learning better.

Ministry of Health Press Officer Margarita Kyriacou said that although currently there are more than 50 people in the Tracing Unit, people are never enough for as long as our contacts are not reduced. She noted that the restrictive measures are aiming to reduce contacts and not to trouble people.

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