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Increases in prices of basic goods continue

According to the Price Observatory of the Consumer Protection Service, increases in the prices of basic goods continued during the 10 August – 14 September period.

The highest prices, even up to 21% were recorded on frozen goods, fresh local meat, and dairy products like yoghurt and cheese.

During the same period, an important increase reaching 14.4% was recorded in the prices of fresh potatoes while the increase in the price of pasta reached almost 10.6% and of fresh milk up to 6%.

There were some reductions to the prices of some vegetables (tomatoes and cucumbers), rice, and cereals.

The Observatory monitors the changes in prices of main consumer goods and extract relevant conclusions.

The list of products and prices is as follows:

4325607661886706 ααα

4325607742727905 βββ



4325607913963768 δδδ

4325607835426343 γγγ

4325608009752009 εεε

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