NewsLocalIncreased infections of COVID-19 within families, at work

Increased infections of COVID-19 within families, at work

Health Minister Konstantinos Ioannou today presented the results of a meeting of the Tracing Group, which investigated confirmed cases in detail. According to these findings, increased infections of COVID-19 are seen both within families and at work.

Initially there was increase of the number of contacts stated by each confirmed case from 3-4 to 7-8 persons and this contributed to the better investigation and immediate examination of cases, preventing the outbreak of the pandemic all over Cyprus.

The tracing also pointed out that compared to the first wave of the pandemic, there is increased infection of the virus to members of the family as well as to work places, where it seems that health protocols are not respected faithfully.

Finally it was decided that there will be a more detailed investigation of the confirmed cases’ social activities so that it can be seen more clearly where the problem is.


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