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Inconsistency prevails over financial accounts of parliamentary parties

As if it’s not bad enough irregularities are recorded in the publication of private contributions to the island’s parliamentary parties inconsistency prevails in their annual financial statements as well.

This is what Philenews reported on Thursday, adding that parties are obliged to post their annual financial accounts before the end of each year, specifically by the 10th month.

However, a specific party has not even posted its annual financial statements over the past couple of years while sloppiness and suspicious inconsistency prevail over those of others.

At the same time, older financial statements are posted on party websites for no apparent reason. In other words,  no consistency prevails in accordance with the provisions of the existing legislation.

Philenews even tracked an inactive link on an official website which was supposed to refer to a detailed financial statement for a specific year.

The same bleak scenario is recorded in regard to private contributions made to parliamentary parties.

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