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Incidents at reception centers of unaccompanied minors

More and more problems are created all the time in the area where in recent months the closed reception center for unaccompanied young people from foreign countries has been operating. Neighbors have spoken about anti-social behaviors and noise on a daily basis, while on Friday evening the most serious incidents since the day the 150 unaccompanied minors were transferred to Paphos, have been recorded.

For a minor reason, dozens of young people living in the area near the Tombs of the Kings started fighting for hours causing general problems.

The neighbors called the Police, members of which rushed to the scene to impose order. Two young people have been injured due to the incidents and were taken to the Paphos General Hospital.

A Police force remained in the area to prevent rekindling of incidents.

Neighbors and particularly shop owners in the area appear concerned about the social status being established there and about the consequences on the town’s tourist image due to the incidents.

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