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Incentives, measures to speed up vaccination programme to be considered by ministerial committee

The island’s ministerial committee responsible for Covid-19 meets on Wednesday to consider the recommendations of the epidemiological advisory team members to speed up the country’s vaccination programme.

The proposed incentives and measures of the ministerial committee will be presented to the cabinet which will meet on Friday evening for final decisions.

Philenews reports that measures and incentives under consideration is the return of the SafePass even in open areas of all food venues. Also, an honorary leave to all national guardsmen who proceed with vaccination.

This intention by the Ministry of Defense was leaked early on Tuesday along with possible additional incentives for those serving in the army. Such as additional leave days for vaccinated ones while those who refuse to get a jab will be obliged to show a negative PCR test after a day off.

At the same time, rapid antigen diagnostic tests for the general population will stop being provided free of charge.

Moreover, providing incentives to public service companies (including restaurants) to declare their premises “free of coronavirus” and allow the entrance of only vaccinated individuals/customers is also on the table.

Coronavirus cases have been rising in three-digits in recent days and hospitalisations are also slightly up but remaining low at around 50 compared with the peak of 200 only a few months ago.

A return to strict measures does not seem currently on the cards.

But people under 40 are called on a daily basis to get vaccinated considering the low percentage of vaccinations among this age group. Specifically, 70 per cent of those under 40 are unvaccinated.




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