NewsLocalImposter Website in India posing as real CySEC Website

Imposter Website in India posing as real CySEC Website

The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) would like to draw the attention of the public to the fact that, its website has been copied illegally by another website hosted by a company based in India, resembling that of the real CySEC website.

The CySEC’s main website address is while the illegal website that copies CySEC is  This website is a scam and not associated with CySEC. Another distinction is that all the announcements on the website that illegally copies that of CySEC are only up to October 2020. The real CySEC website has announcements up to this month, August 2021.

Therefore, the public is urged to be very careful and to make sure that it is linked to the official CySEC website, especially in case of payments that need to be made for exams or other purposes through JCC, as well as for licensed entities under the supervision of CySEC.

CySEC is taking all the appropriate actions for the safeguard its legitimate interests.

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