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Dhekelia coastal front almost looks deserted this summer

The coastal front of Dhekelia in Larnaca almost looks deserted this summer especially where it borders with Oroklini and Pyla.

Business owners in the area told Philenews that because of the coronavirus pandemic only a handful of hotels opened during the months of June, July and August.

And one of them was actually used as a hosting area for people who tested positive to Covid-19 and needed to be quarantined.

This had a direct impact on businesses such as restaurants, mini markets, souvenir shops and kiosks  – some of which decided to also remain closed for the summer season.

Shop and restaurant owners say the fact hotels remained closed made tourist arrivals even more of a long shot meaning they’ve taken an extra hit hence choosing to also stay shut this summer.

In the meantime, the redevelopment of the coastal front of Dhekelia has been pending for decades – perhaps in part due to disagreements between the communities involved.

Most of this area does not even have tolerable rainwater drains and in winter it floods with even the slightest rainfall.

It is also a beach front tourist area where there are dilapidated buildings that have been in shambles for years, yet no one seems to be interested in rectifying this situation.

These are issues that have remained unsolved for years now unfortunately, business owners in the area tell Philenews.


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