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Sick toddler likely to fly to Germany soon now that parents got vaccinated

A three-year-old boy denied specialized treatment in Germany because his parents were unvaccinated will most probably fly there within weeks now that both parents on Thursday got the jab.

The boy is now in stable condition at Makarion Hospital in Nicosia, the pediatrics clinic head Dr Avraam Elia also told state radio on Friday.

Following arrangements by the Health Ministry, the toddler was supposed to be transferred by air ambulance for a heart operation to a specialised hospital in Germany early on Thursday morning.

However, the hospital abroad cancelled the procedure insisting they cannot accept his parents unless they are vaccinated.

Attempts made to have the child accompanied by a third party who is vaccinated failed since children must be accompanied by their guardians in such cases.

Elia said efforts were also made to transport the child to other EU countries as well as Israel, but the hospital there also insisted the parents should be vaccinated.

The Ministry said they respected the measures implemented in all other countries.


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