NewsLocalIdea about Cultural Foundation in Paphos seems to be abandoned

Idea about Cultural Foundation in Paphos seems to be abandoned

Five years after its operation as a Cultural Capital of Europe, nothing reminds of those days of cultural uplift in Paphos.

Following a long delay and while everyone expected that the town’s Municipal Council, which finally met on June 24, 2021, would appoint the administrative board of the Paphos Cultural Foundation that would constitute the continuation of the body of the Cultural Capital of Europe, the Municipal Council failed to decide anything since some members achieved the postponement of the decision to appoint the new body’s members, citing the conditions of the pandemic and the forthcoming summer season.

Things remain the same even though now we are on the eve of 2023. No developments have taken place in the meantime, the issue is not included on the agenda of any meeting, and the members of the Municipal Council are unaware of what is going to happen.

On the contrary, rumors that the issue has been abandoned have recently increased, particularly during the long pre-election period, and despite pressure to the opposite.

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