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ICUs in all state hospitals on red alert over Covid patients’ rising number

Intensive care units in all state hospitals in Cyprus are on red alert over the rising number of Covid patients that need to be intubated, Philenews reported on Thursday.

The situation gets even worse since most of these infected patients continue to be contagious. But even when they cease being contagious they still need to remain in intensive care units.

By the end of January the number of deaths could rise above those recorded in August – the worst month so far.

On Wednesday alone, another eight deaths from Covid were announced, bringing the month’s total number to 86. In August, a total of 95 deaths were recorded.

As for the state of play of Nicosia Hospital’s ICU, 40 coronavirus patients – of whom 36 intubated – were under treatment there in Nicosia by late afternoon, specifically by 5pm.

Another 13 intubated patients who were also admitted there with severe coronavirus symptoms have now been declassified.

Moreover, 19 patients are in the ICU with other serious health issues.  The total number of patients has reached 72.

Another six patients who stopped being contagious are intubated in the ICU of the Limassol hospital, while the ICU of the Larnaca hospital treats six patients with other health problems.

The number of patients in ICUs before the pandemic was on an average below 20.



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