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How recent burst of seismic activity is explained

Sylvana Pilidou, Geological officer at the Cyprus Geological Survey Department referred to a burst of seismic activity both in Greece and in Cyprus, since both areas are part of the same geotectonic environment. Recent quakes were caused because Cyprus is located in an area of ​​intense seismic activity near the junction between the Eurasian and the African tectonic plate. Scientific research shows that Africa is drifting north and pressing against the tectonic plate of the Eurasian continent.

Asked to comment on the fact that while the earthquakes were strongly felt there were no damages, Ms Pilidou said that the earthquakes that have taken place so far were fortunately not very strong in inhabited areas since their epicenter was far away.

She also noted that local earthquakes are being recorded on a daily basis and are processed by the staff of the Seismological Center who also release the relevant information on social media (Website:, twitter:@CY_earthquakes).

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