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House President pays tribute to Mahatma Gandhi

“Today, as our world is facing a variety of challenges and predicaments, we should all take a moment to contemplate on the essence of (Mahatma) Gandhi’s teachings and vision and on the responsibility that we have towards ourselves, our societies and the generations to come, to secure a world where the values of peace, tolerance, understanding and non-violence prevail,” President of Cyprus’ House of Representatives said on Wednesday.

In an address on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the birth of Mahatma Gandhi, during a tribute at the bust of Mahatma Gandhi near the building of the House of Representatives, Syllouris said “it is always a great honour and privilege to take part in this humble ceremony, paying tribute to one of the most influential and enlightened personalities of our times, the great Mahatma Gandhi.”

“More so, that we are celebrating a milestone year, the 150th anniversary of his birth and also, befittingly, the International Day of Non-Violence. Gandhi’s life and achievements tell a tale of constant struggle and unwavering dedication to the values of pacifism and nonviolence and continue to inspire millions of people to this day. The release today, by the Postal Services of the Republic of Cyprus, of a commemorative stamp of Mahatma Gandhi, is another eloquent example of our profound respect and admiration,” Syllouris said.

He also noted that, “through the years, our two countries and peoples have both suffered from a turbulent history of colonialism, struggling for freedom and independence.”

“The agonies and parallel fate of Cyprus and India shaped their strong and friendly ties that we share to this day. These ties are founded on mutual respect and commitment to democratic ideals and values, as well as on our common aim to work for peace and prosperity for our citizens. I am confident that we shall continue to nurture these ties and further enhance our cooperation in a multitude of fields, keeping always in line with Mahatma Gandhi’s inspirational legacy,” Syllouris said.

(Cyprus News Agency)

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