NewsLocalHouse Legal Committee discusses ankle bracelet for inmates

House Legal Committee discusses ankle bracelet for inmates

The House Legal Committee yesterday resumed the discussion on the known ankle bracelet for inmates. All parties believe that the measure must apply to all convicts, however, the Justice Ministry seems to be setting up some exceptions.

The fact that even though both the Prison director and a representative of the Police were invited they did not attend and only a representative of the Justice Minister attended. It was alter revealed that the Justice Ministry had contacted both the prison and the police and reached an agreement on the positions that would be presented at the House Committee, something that caused the displeasure of the lawmakers.

As the president of the House Legal Committee said the issue of electronic monitoring is already implemented in many EU countries and all parties as well as the government are in favor of its implementation. As he said, in the coming days the Committee will visit the Central Prisons to meet there and listen to the views of the inmates.

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