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House Legal Affairs Committee approves eviction bill amendments

The House Legal Affairs Committee says it has reached an agreement on the new bill introducing amendments to the tenants’ protection law which were proposed by Disy MPs in October in order to protect landlords from bad tenants.

President of the Committee Georgios Georgiou said that Disy has adopted the amendments submitted by AKEL, therefore the eviction time for shops is set at two months and for residences at three months.

Georgiou said that the law will be put in effect on the day of its publication in the government’s gazette, and will not apply to eviction procedures already underway.

The bill will be presented before the House for a vote on Friday’s plenary sitting.

Asked to clarify what the new law stipulates, Georgiou explained that if a tenant fails to pay rent for four months, the landlord may give him/her a written notice. If the debts are not settled following 21 days from the date of the written warning, the owner can go to the registrar and begin the eviction process.

Once the landlord applies to the registrar, the tenant has 14 days to reply. The court then has three days to accept or reject the reply — in the former case the eviction process is suspended, and in the latter it goes ahead in which case the eviction time agreed under AKEL’s proposals apply.

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