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House Environment Committee to press ahead with dog law changes

The House Environment Committee will press ahead with discussion of the Dog Law in the next few days so that amendments can be discussed and approved in the plenary as soon as possible, Green MP Yiorgos Perdikis said on Wednesday.

He told reporters after the Committee meeting that an up to date law on dogs and cats would go a long way in tackling problems.

The Greens MP said that the government was delaying and had today said it wanted the 2015 bill on dogs to be withdrawn and then split up into four separate bills — one would deal with hunting dogs and be incorporated in the law on hunting, another would be incorporated in the law on municipalities and communities, a third in the law on animal welfare and the fourth would remain in the law for the establishment of a body on animals.

These would have to be discussed in parliament, leading to a significant delay. But there were urgent issues that needed to be tackled he said  and thanked the Environment Committee for agreeing to discuss amendments to the Dog Law.

Amendments will be discussed to satisfy immediate needs such as giving local authorities the power to issue court fines for violations of the law, he added.

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