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Hoteliers complain about staff shortage

Facing a shortage of staff, Cypriot hoteliers are urging the state to allow them to hire people from non-EU countries, General Manager of the Association of Tourist Agents Chrisemily Psilogeni told ACTIVE radio today.

According to survey data, Psilogeni said, the numbers of local staff is not enough to meet the increased needs of the industry.

The lack of staffing will affect the quality and  “will have domino-effect consequences on the economy,” she added.

“Staff shortage is a major issue that has been of concern over the last few years and culminated in the previous tourist season, when we have faced serious problems that have had an impact on the quality of services offered to customers. There is a huge shortage of staff, despite many meetings we had with the Minister of Labour, which, however, did not have the desired outcome,” Psilogeni said.

Four Seasons owner: “Unemployment in Cyprus is a myth”

Owner of Muskita Hotels, Christos Mouskis called in during the radio programme to say that many Cypriot citizens get by with state benefits and do not seek work. He also said that “it is a myth that there is unemployment in Cyprus.”

“We tried to hire unemployed people but nobody was interested. As a result our current employees work longer hours and get tired, thus lowering the level of service we offer,” Mouskis said.

When asked about complaints that the wages hoteliers offer are low and push people away from seeking a job in the industry, Mouskis explained that wages have increased considerably due to competition.“Also, not all hotels are the same and not all hotels take advantage of their staff.

“Giving us permission to hire staff from non-EU countries will enable us to give the hotel product the image it deserves,” Mouskis.

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