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Hotel sunbeds ‘invade’ Protaras beaches

Hotel sunbeds and umbrellas have made their appearance on Protaras beaches after Paralimni Municipality gave seaside hotels the right to pre-book them, philenews reports.

Photos from Fig Tree Bay show that hotels have placed sunbeds and umbrellas for the exclusive use of their clients.

The move is expected to make it difficult for other beachgoers to find a sunbed and umbrella, particularly during the busiest period.

Philenews said that there have also been complaints that hotels were using the green area along the beach, while part of the beach area was taken over to create the footpath.

The municipality stipulates that no more than 10% of the total number of sunbeds and umbrellas on the beach can be pre-booked.


The law

Under the law, the body responsible for managing the beach and providing services (sunbeds and umbrellas) is the local authority within the boundaries of which the beach is located. The district office has overriding responsibility.

It stipulates that 50% of a beach must be free of sunbeds and umbrellas so that swimmers can use it freely.

In cases where the local authority does not want to hire out sunbeds and umbrellas itself, it can  issue permits to others to do so after issuing tenders.

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