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Hopes rise over Cypriot mother’s cry for help to bring back abducted son

There was a response to the cry for help by a 24-year-old Cypriot mother who must raise enough money to bring back from Egypt her little boy abducted by his father.

This is what Philenews reported on Wednesday, adding that the abduction and the ordeal of Vasiliki Andreou from Larnaca began over a year ago.

“Shortly after the report on Tuesday the special account for the approved fund-raiser at Bank of Cyprus became quite active,” the mother herself told Philenews.

And her hopes that she will succeed in bringing back her boy have been boosted, she added.

Even Foreign Minister Nikos Christodoulides has expressed personal interest in this humanitarian case and said the competent state services are closely monitoring it. All possible assistance will be provided, he also assured.

Andreou had married an Egyptian national in Cyprus in 2018 and their son was born in July 2019.

Two months later, her husband convinced her his mother was very ill and all three had to visit Egypt to see her. Upon arrival there, she was reportedly locked in an apartment and beaten up by her husband.

He had prompted her to leave the country without the child, something that she was forced to do.

The moment she was back, Andreou immediately went to the police and other state authorities asking them to intervene so that the boy comes back to Cyprus.

Her efforts were deadlocked, but she did manage to convince her husband to come to Cyprus so that divorce papers are signed.

He was arrested upon arrival, taken to court and sentenced to four years in prison for the child’s abduction. His sentence will come to an end soon.

That’s why the mother has to fly to Cairo by the end of next month and stay there for about a month so as to attend court procedures. She is assured by Egyptian lawyers that the baby will be returned to her.

But for this to happen, she needs to pay €10,000 in legal fees and other expenses – something that she does not have.

The Interior Ministry has approved her fund raiser through Bank of Cyprus.

The account is 357034346246, IBAN CY29002001950000357034346246.


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