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Homophobic attack against members of Accept NGO

Members of the Administrative Council of Accept, a non-profit NGO advocating and supporting the LGBTI community in Cyprus, said that while in the dog park in Nicosia to prepare for today’s event “A Proud Dog’s Day,” they have been attacked.

According to a posting on the group’s Facebook, “a male driver noticed the Pride flag in the area, stopped his car, threatened the Accept officers, forcefully shoved one of them, grabbed the flag, threw it, and cursed using homophobic expressions. Amidst the violent hate, expressions were heard about ‘anomaly’ and claims that the Accept members were a threat to children playing in the park.”

Accept took his car numbers and will file a complaint with the Police.

Regarding children, Accept is urging everyone to look at statistics on who really is a threat to children.

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