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Holy Synod decides on 18 December for election of three bishops by the people (video)

The Holy Synod which met on Monday morning decided the exact timelines for the election of a new Greek Orthodox archbishop, Philenews reports.

According to the statement of the Custodian of the Archbishopric Throne – that is, Bishop of Paphos Georgios – the date for the election of the three bishops by the people will take place on Sunday, December 18, 2022.

Second, after modification of the Church constitution, a ballot with the names and photos of the candidates will be created.

Third, interested parties must submit their candidacies by November 22, 2022.

Fourth, government officials will be in charge at the electoral centres, in the presence of candidates’ representatives.

Fifth, the Holy Synod assigned the responsibility of preparing the elections and the electoral lists to Ioannis Charilaou, the Church’s central fund director.

Furthermore, the Holy Synod has also decided on the process that will be followed in cooperation with the Interior Ministry to solve any problems that might arise regarding the preparation of the electoral list. According to Bishop of Paphos Georgios, this will happen by removing non-Orthodox Christians from the Ministry’s electoral list and adding foreign Orthodox people who will submit the necessary papers.

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